Friday, July 23, 2010

One Year After Cancer Diagnosis

One year ago yesterday my pet parents got the devastating news of my nasal cancer. I was only given 2 mo. to live without treatment. Lucky me! I was flown to Denver and whisked away to Colorado State University in Fort Collins where I underwent another CT scan and 3 days of Cyber Knife radiation. Recovery from the anesthesia and radiation was rough, but after about 6 wks, life was good again. And here I am one year later still bringing joy to my pet parents' lives. They're taking great care of me, and physically, I'm hanging in there, hoping like crazy that I'll see my 17th. birthday. Over the last year we've met (online) several others like me and have shared medical information and support. We hope that sharing the details and information of my disease has helped other dogs and their owners.