Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 16th. Birthday Kisses

Well, with the help of my great pet parents, and the super doctors at Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center, I have celebrated my 16th. birthday this month. Since I was a lost, stray puppy, we're not exactly sure what the exact date is, so we've just made it a celebration for the month of January. I'm doing very well health wise and enjoying my life. Yes, I am one spoiled pooch, but, heck, at my age, I deserve it!


  1. Hi Kisses, happy 16th! This is a great blog with a wonderful cause. What a good idea! Are you using DogHeirs? It's a network for dogs with health issues. It's new, but it might be a place to find others with cancer or to help dogs who might face this disease in the future.

  2. Happy Birthday Little've certainly proved the "experts" wrong and it's your fortitude and will to live that got you here. Now, you've just go to do something with that white streak on your head!! You'll have to check mine out too.
    Dancer Bello