Monday, June 28, 2010

Ten Months Post Radiation!!!

Hi Everyone
Here I am, 10 months after my radiation treatments. I'm getting progressively more deaf all the time and I'm just about totally blind now; guess the radiation took out my "good" eye. My pet daddy told my pet mom that it's like I'm looking at them through wax paper, but I think it might be worse than that. I do get lost and bump into a lot of things now. I'm sneezing more but no nose bleeds, and my appetite is still ravenous. My energy is waning and I sleep most of the day and then drive my pet parents crazy by being up all night. Basically, I'm just very happy to have the care and love they give me. It's tough being an old guy! I'm 16 1/2 now.

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  1. HI Kisses,
    Your good friend from St. Louis saying I'm glad you're doing well. Don't worry about that deaf and blind thing. We're happy that you're here with us...that's all that matters. We all get old sooner or later and age is just relative. You've had a great life and it's time to let others take care of you.