Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reflecting On Our Decision

Still, each and every day we think about our Kisses and miss him terribly.  Almost 3 months removed from the final days, we can now reflect on our decision to treat the nasal cancer and why we felt it was the right thing to do.  Most people thought we were absolutely nuts to treat an almost 16 year old dog, or to spend what we spent.  But they never walked in our shoes and never loved our dog the way we did.  Not only did Kisses receive another 22 months of life after the radiation treatment, he had complete remission from the cancer.  Upon necropsy, there was no trace of cancer, even though the tumors can return within 8-12 mo. Colorado St. University Animal Cancer Center ROCKS!  And we'd do it again in a heartbeat! 


  1. Kisses is adorable! We just learned our 13 year old Beardie has nasal cancer. We are devastated but determined to save Ash, the Love of Our Lives. He will begin treatment next week, and we will be with him every step of the way until he is strong and healthy. To save a devoted pet is always the right decision. Wouldn't he do the same, or more, for us?

  2. Hello! And thank you for your blog, it is very helpful for my family as we go through the battle with out Airedale who finished 2 weeks of radiation for a nasal carcinoma 2 weeks ago. He is losing his hair and the skin around his eye is peeling. Did Kisses experience post radiation burn? Did it happen just to the area directly affected? Or ALL areas where the hair loss occurred? I would love to talk more with you, I can be reached at koepsel.2@gmail.com. This is such a heart wrenching journey for us. Our family is similar to yours, our dog is 11 and people must think we are crazy for spending the money but we just love him too much. Thank you again for the blog, please email if you get a free moment, I would greatly appreciate it.

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  4. My 10 year old 7 pound precious little yorkie, Mattie, was diagnosed at CSU veterinary hospital on December 23 with an aggressive nasal tumor. I was devastated. Dr. LaRue is also overseeing Mattie's treatment plan. She had three consecutive days of SRT between Christmas and New Year's. They told me she could live 6-11 months more, I hope she exceeds that as your beloved Kisses did. Thank you for this beautiful blog. It's an encouragement to me.